Sunday 21st July, 10.30-5.30pm

Women, joining together, in a space with strong healing intention, can magnify the transformational shifts for each other.  So, if you feel It’s time to shake things up, come join your sisters on this sacred healing journey. If you feel stuck, stagnant or stalled – come!  This is a full day workshop, where you are guided in sharings, exercises and rituals that support you to reclaim and radiate your authentic self. Get in touch with that Divine Being, who is worthy of a rich, full-spirited, open-hearted life. The day is meditative, dynamic, experiential, and deep.  You’ll emerge clearer, lighter, uplifted. You’ll feel ignited to, progressively, live and express more of your authentic, vital self.

Themes we will cover include:


Letting the mind go, dropping “within”, feeling your frequency, where you are at. Examining your ‘energetic’ self, how is your flow of ‘chi’ life-energy, where does it feel slow, diluted, strong, vibrant.


Connecting to this holder of both your dreams and your wounds. Guided practices with the inner-child, some meditative, some dynamic, some alone, some in diads. Gentle openings, awarenesses.


Guided visualisations reclaiming, inhabiting (increasingly) this quality of deep presence and flow. Connecting with the Inner-goddess. Activating your energetic light-body. Steps to cultivate your full dimensionality. 

What you gain :
  • Transformational shifts, breakthroughs
  • Clear blocks, fears, shame, numbness, shut-down
  • New understanding of yourself from a place of compassion
  • Letting go, and consequently, feeling more in your body, regaining sensation
  • Feel yourself unlocked from unloving patterns (or at least have the keys)
  • A deeper connection with yourself that radiates positively to others
  • Feel/share the pain of the sisterhood, but feel its awesome power too 
This afternoon will suit women who :
  • You’re tolerating circumstances that do not serve your highest good
  • You’re over repeating ‘blah’ patterns, with same ‘blah’ results
  • You feel burdened .. don’t know exactly why (knowing doesn’t help!)
  • You want to feel more: more joy, pleasure, lightness, alignment, aliveness
  • You’re feeling bold and ready to go there ..bring it on!
  • You’re feeling afraid, but you’re ready to go there anyway!
WHEN: Sunday, 21st July, 10.30am-5.30pm, Wollongong

This  is a small intimate group. We are limiting numbers, so best to book in early.

We will serve a light lunch (soup, salad) – so you feel nourished, and it is nice for the group to share a light meal together.

Early Bird price of $127 to first six subscribers.  Following subscribers $157.
Prior Radiance workshop participants (‘Repeater’) – $127.
Venue address provided upon registration – is on Parkside Avenue, Wollongong.


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On registration you will be sent logistical details for the day. If you have questions, browse the Q&A below.  If you need to contact us, please email Catherine at or arrange a time to speak by phone 0409-717-385. An sms/text to arrange a convenient time to talk is appreciated!


Do I have to participate in all activites
There are no ‘mandatory’ activities in the workshop, so you choose the level of participation. That said, to get most benefit, moving beyond your resistance can be exactly what can lead to the insights and new awarenesses, or the breakthrough awaiting you. You will be supported so as to be able to participate at your best level.

Is this very physical?
The day will involve periods where we do move the body. It is not too strenuous. You do what you are capable of. If you have an injury let us know and we will try to accommodate that as best we can. Other parts of the workshop may include laying down, receiving guided meditations. So comfortable pillows are recommended.

What do I wear or bring
Wear comfortable clothing, that you can stretch in. Bring something warm – a blanket, warm throw. Comfortable pillows, cushion. Bottle of water. Notepad and pen.

i've not done anything like this before but am intrigued
If this is calling you, but you haven’t experienced workshops before, have a chat to us and we can assess if this is the right workshop for you for now. Call Maddy +0481-220-598 or Catherine +0409-717-385 or Email IntimacyDivine

I'm an introvert and not sure how I'll go

We understand  and we’ve kept the group small so we can foster a more intimate setting. We arrange exercises that include  “paired” work as well as some exercises in ‘pods’. This builds rapport early so a sense of inclusion develops quickly. All-in-all, there is always a welcome vibe.

What if I get emotional?
The environment is safe and supportive, and all states-of-being are welcome. Opening to authentic emotion is a good sign and a healing balm. Your facilitators have experience in cathartic and emotional release work with clients and can hold space for whatever emotional mix might arise in the group.

Where is the Venue

Private residence in Parkside Avenue, Wollongong. (Adjacent to Entertainment Centre). Precise address details provided upon registration. 

Your Facilitators

Catherine and Maddy love creating opportunities for women to come together and evolve in their personal self-love, self-awareness, empowerment and healing journeys.  Catherine and Maddy are Embodiment Educators, both certified sexological bodyworkers and somatic sex educators. They share similar backgrounds in Relationship & Intimacy coaching and are Tantric practitioners. Catherine also works with Reiki, Tarot and Mediumship.

Reviews From Prior Events



I loved the guided meditations. In fact, I loved everything about the workshop. It opened my eyes, heart, soul.



Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect, but the end result was fantastic. Catherine & Maddy created a safe, nurturing environment.



I liked best just being surrounded by like-minded ladies. It was a lovely space to feel safe and be in touch with myself.



A HUGE thank-you for Sunday – it was perfect. The surroundings, connection, fantastic group of women with all having same intentions – awesome vibe! ..LOVED IT.