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Learn the fundamentals of mindful sensuality. How sacred-sensual practices can help you evolve erotically and relationally. More pleasure, more confidence, more magic.

Exploring the Feminine

Receptive | Surrendered | Transfigured

“Your body is a temple. Expanding your sexual pleasure is the greatest gift you can give your inner sexual being. As you connect more and more with your body, you will develop a stronger sense of your divine inner lover, with your unique needs and responses.”  – Diane Riley

About the Workshop

Yummy yum men, men, men. Ya can’t hate ’em, ya can’t shoot ’em.! our wombs attuned to moon energy, women are called to a sensitivity and receptivity uniquely feminine. How can we more fully harness and floooow with these immense feminine powers. Our womb energy is a crucible with, not only the power to create new life, but to birth new projects and endeavours. Being more in tune with this energy means we use our fertility and creativity more effectively to fulfil our needs, our desires, and our own healing. We delve into the pelvic-womb realm, exploring its spectrum, from the ecstasy, pleasure and joy it may experience to the ambivalence, disappointment, pain and trauma too. Every woman’s womb journey is unique: Is the energy vibrant and honouring, or suppressed and stagnant? How well do you listen to the wisdom, wants and needs of your womb?.
Where-ever you are in your feminine expression, your pelvic-womb energy can be cultivated and activated for your highest purpose, procreative and creative endeavours, grounding and healing.

This day will suit women who :
  • Feel disconnected from their womb/feminine expression
  • Want more knowledge of their womb/sexuality workings
  • Seek more attunement to empowering elements of pelvic/womb flow
  • Wish to reinvigorate their feminine sensual expression
  • Feel pelvic-womb blockages energetically which they wish to release
  • Have experienced pelvic-womb trauma – abuse relationships, child-loss,
    difficult child-birth, abortion, hysterectomy, fibroids etc

Our Themes for the day:



The heart-pelvic-womb connection – anatomy, energetic, esoteric perspectives. From the practical to the profound and sacred.



Holding your pelvic-womb energy, and its natural rhythms, in a place of compassion, appreciation, love, understanding, lightness.



Combining common-sense, as well as esoteric and fun rituals to shake and stir your pelvic-womb energy, feeling it’s shadow .

What You’ll Gain:
  • A healthier, holistic relationship with your feminine body
  • More sensual, sacred, grounded connection to your feminine power
  • Tools to charge, circulate your womb energy for personal awakening, manifesting
  • Womb-powers to nurture your creative potential and share the authentic “you”
  • Know yourself: the anatomy of your arousal, know your sexual parts and the
    conditions in which they work their best for your orgasmic pleasure
  • Acknowledge and release pain, conditioning that has suppressed, inhibited you
  • Evolve your individualised path toward healing sexual, pelvic-womb trauma
  • There are many ways to Mother. “Babies are born from the womb,

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