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Feel more creative and fertile, honour your rhythms and cultivate your feminine womb powers. Now is the moment to create whatever you want.

Awakening Womb Wisdom

Exploring | Honouring | Healing

Within each woman is a Goddess of wisdom, deeply connected to the phases of the moon, to the heart of the earth, and to the tides of the Sea. All we need … is to remember.

As creatures of nature’s cycles, our wombs attuned to moon energy, women are called to a sensitivity and receptivity uniquely feminine.  Our womb energy is a crucible with, not only the power to create new life, but to birth new projects and endeavours. Being more in tune with this energy means we use our fertility and creativity more effectively to fulfil our needs, our desires, and our own healing.

About this Workshop

We delve into the pelvic-womb realm, exploring its spectrum, from the ecstasy, pleasure and joy it may experience to the ambivalence, disappointment, pain and trauma too. Every woman’s womb journey is unique: Is the energy vibrant and honouring, or suppressed and stagnant? How well do you listen to the wisdom, wants and needs of your womb?.
Where-ever you are in your feminine expression, your pelvic-womb energy can be cultivated and activated for your highest purpose, procreative and creative endeavours, grounding and healing.

In this workshop, we will share exercises, education, eduTainment, rituals, meditations. When women share deeply together, in honesty and vulnerability, they gain inspiration, normalisation, consolation, illumination – and this is our intention for the day.

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This day will suit women who :
  • Feel disconnected from their womb/feminine expression
  • Want more knowledge of their womb/sexuality workings
  • Seek more attunement to empowering elements of pelvic/womb flow
  • Wish to reinvigorate their feminine sensual expression
  • Feel pelvic-womb blockages energetically which they wish to release
  • Have experienced pelvic-womb trauma – abuse relationships, child-loss,
    difficult child-birth, abortion, hysterectomy, fibroids etc.
  • Are child-less (involuntarily), or child-free (by choice) – 
  • Curious re: ways to ‘tune’ into womb energy for creative manifesting

Our Themes for the day:



The heart-pelvic-womb connection – anatomy, energetic, esoteric perspectives. From the practical to the profound and sacred.



Holding your pelvic-womb energy, and its natural rhythms, in a place of compassion, appreciation, love, understanding, lightness.



Combining common-sense, as well as esoteric and fun rituals to shake and stir your pelvic-womb energy, feeling it’s shadow and light energy ~ healing, enhancing your feminine creative powers.

What You’ll Gain:
  • A healthier, holistic relationship with your feminine body
  • More sensual, sacred, grounded connection to your feminine power
  • Tools to charge, circulate your womb energy for personal awakening, manifesting
  • Womb-powers to nurture your creative potential and share the authentic “you”
  • Know yourself: the anatomy of your arousal, know your sexual parts and the
    conditions in which they work their best for your orgasmic pleasure
  • Acknowledge and release pain, conditioning that has suppressed, inhibited you
  • Evolve your individualised path toward healing sexual, pelvic-womb trauma
  • There are many ways to Mother. “Babies are born from the womb, maternity
    from the soul.” 
    Resolve ‘Biology v Destiny’, Stereotypes and misconceptions.
  • Your ancestral female lineage: what it may offer for your evolution and growth
  • Fun practices with the feminine archetypes: freeing, sexy, saucy, soulful

Ready to join Us?

Sunday, September 23rd, 10am-5.30pm, Wollongong

if you are one of those women for whom this day resonates, we welcome you!
If you think a sister would also benefit, please share.
This  is a small intimate group, we do limit numbers, so booking early is a good idea.
Early Bird price of $137 to first six subscribers. Prior workshop attendees also $137. Full price is $177

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If you have questions, scroll to our FAQ below, you might find your answer there.
And if not, then just drop us a note and/or we can arrange a chat.

Your Facilitators

Catherine and Maddy love creating opportunities for women to come together and evolve in their personal self-love, self-awareness, empowerment and healing journeys.  Catherine and Maddy are Embodiment Educators, both certified sexological bodyworkers and somatic sex educators. They share similar backgrounds in Relationship & Intimacy coaching and are Tantric practitioners. Catherine also works with Reiki, Tarot and Mediumship.

Reviews From Prior Events

“I loved the guided meditations. In fact, I loved everything about the workshop. It opened my eyes, heart, soul.
~ Anne-Marie

” .. frankly, I didn’t know what to expect, but the end result was fantastic. Catherine & Maddy created a safe, nurturing environment.”  ~ Naomi

” I liked best just being surrounded by like-minded ladies. It was a lovely space to feel safe and be in touch with myself. ”
~ Dawn

” .. I believe I received everything I needed today. What could have made it better? .. wine ! .. just kidding.”
~ Lisa

* Pseudonyms used for privacy


Do I have to participate in all activites
There are no ‘mandatory’ activities in the workshop, so you choose the level of participation. That said, to get most benefit, moving beyond your resistance can be exactly what can lead to the insights and new awarenesses, or the breakthrough awaiting you. You will be supported so as to be able to participate at your best level.

Is this very physical?
The day will involve periods where we do move the body. It is not too strenuous. You do what you are capable of. If you have an injury let us know and we will try to accommodate that as best we can. Other parts of the workshop may include laying down, receiving guided meditations. So comfortable pillows are recommended.

What do I wear or bring
Wear comfortable clothing, that you can stretch in. Bring something warm – a blanket, warm throw. Comfortable pillows, cushion. Bottle of water. Notepad and pen.

i've not done anything like this before but am intrigued
If this is calling you, but you haven’t experienced workshops before, have a chat to us and we can assess if this is the right workshop for you for now. Call Maddy +0481-220-598 or Catherine +0409-717-385 or Email IntimacyDivine

I'm an introvert and not sure how I'll go

We understand  and we’ve kept the group small so we can foster a more intimate setting. We arrange exercises that include  “paired” work as well as some exercises in ‘pods’. This builds rapport early so a sense of inclusion develops quickly. All-in-all, there is always a welcome vibe.

What if I get emotional?
The environment is safe and supportive, and all states-of-being are welcome. Opening to authentic emotion is a good sign and a healing balm. Your facilitators have experience in cathartic and emotional release work with clients and can hold space for whatever emotional mix might arise in the group.

Where is the Venue

Lotus Wellbeing Centre, 103 Crown Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia

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